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Welcome to our real estate website «FavoritHome»

Our agency offers a wide range of services when it comes to the real estate market. Our knowledge and competence spans over many different areas including – purchase-sale deals on apartments, houses, land plots, real estate property for commercial or non-commercial use, offices and different types premises.

We give you the opportunity of building your dream-house.

Our company is also involved with the eco houses constructions, repairing and pre-deployment steps.

You can also benefit from our full service set, when considering real estate and construction markets.

In order to achieve a full customer satisfaction we laid down the foundations and determine the main objectives and principles of our company which include:

Always following the law regulations. Being objective on particular matter regarding a certain deal.
Keep our principles and stay fair with the end customer. To protect and serve the interests of our customer.  
Being confidential and be able to keep a professional secrecy when it comes to sensitive information


                                                                                                                                             Last but not least we want you to feel comfortable, secure and satisfied from our services.

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